Components of Wellness

Components of Wellness In this Topic of components of Wellness we will learn about all 9 components.           1. Physical Wellness Mostly it means Physical Appearance , good body weight, looking young and also a good Physique.  In order to have above qualities regular exercise, good and adequate amount of nutrition,

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Endurance     Endurance it is the ability to sustain even after fatigue  it is the most important for majority of sports directly or indirectly. usually measured by number of repetitions types of endurance – 1) Nature of activity   2) Timing of activity Types of endurance – nature of activity a) basic endurance- this is

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Speed     Speed – It is the ability to move from place to another in the shortest possible time Reaction Ability   it is based on coordinative process that’s why also called as coordinative ability  Reaction ability is the  ability to react effectively and quickly to any action or signal. Ex- Sprint race 100m Complex

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Strength Strength It is the ability of the muscles to overcome resistance. Types – Dynamic Dynamic – As it is related to movement due to this it is called as Isotonic strength. There is diminishing tendency in dynamic strength for ex – pull-ups/pushups after certain count muscles refuse to do work not even pushup /

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CH 1 & Psychology & Sports

CH 1 & Psychology & Sports Planning in Sports Planning is interrupted as a process of develop a strategy to achieve objectives, solve problems & facilitate action in Physical Education, planning includes: Organising various tourneys, Sports training, Long term, short term. Objective: 1) Reduce pressure of immediacy: Important objective If organizer prepare good plan before

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DIABETES It’s a disorder that it causes sugar to build up in our blood stream. 1) Bhujangasan: Procedure: Lie on belly Hands near shoulders Legs close together Raise upper part of the body with support of hands. Head turn backwards Repeat 3-5 times Benefits: Provide strength agility. Cures liver disease Improves blood circulation Strengthen muscles

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Sports and Nutrition

  Sports and Nutrition Balance diet: A diet which consists all essential food constituents in correct proportion. Nutrition: Science of food & its relationship with health. Two Components: (1) Macro Nutrients: (i) Carbohydrates: ‘Carbo’ ‘hydra’ ‘ate’ means ‘carbon’, ‘hydrogen’, ‘oxygen’. Provides energy Acts like a fuel in the body. Important for digestive operations. Excess carbohydrates

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Asthma It’s a disease of lungs in which airways become blacked causing difficulty in breathing. 1) Vradhwa Hastottanasana: Procedure: Stand straight, feet & inches apart Inhale & oaise both hands at shoulder levels. Inter lock fingers & turn the waist upwards Exhaling bent left Inhale back to position Exhale, bent right Inhale, back Benefits: Relaxes

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