Sports and Nutrition Part 1

Sports and Nutrition


In this chapter Sports and Nutrition. we discuss about following topics. They are Balanced Diet, Nutrition, Macro Nutrients, carbohydrates and its subparts.

Sports and Nutrition
Sports and Nutrition

Sports, In today’s era Sports, has grown too much especially with the help of science. Science related to BioMechanics, Food Science, and many more. Here we are talking about food science which gives proper nutrition. The requirement of nutrition is essential for every individual but it is indispensable for the individuals who actively participate in games and sports. This Nutrition we get from a balanced diet.

But the question is What is Balanced Diet and Nutrition. Let’s talk about in Details. First, we talk about Balanced Diet.

“A diet which consists of all the essential food constituents, viz., proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water in correct proportion is called a balanced diet.”

This diet consists different especially according to the requirement of a person as different people have different needs as their daily work or schedule. Ex: A normal man requires less protein whereas a sportsperson requires more.

“Balanced diet is that diet which consists of various constituents of food in accurate and appropriate quantity and quality according to the requirement of an individual.”

The diet differs from individual to individual. The following points sum up a balanced diet.

  1. A balanced diet must contain all the essential constituents in the proper amount.
  2. The food should be easily digestible(if not cooked).
  3. Cooking of food is necessary because it sterilizes.
  4. Due to cooking foodstuff and makes it tasty and easily digestible.

‘Nutrition’ is defined as the science of food and its relationship with health.


Nutrition is the science of foods that comprises the dynamic process in which the consumed food is digested, nutrients are absorbed and distributed to the tissues for utilization, and wastes are disposed of the body.

Nutrition can be divided into two parts in terms of their requirement in our body. They are Macro Nutrients and Micro Nutrients. Now let’s talk about macro and micro nutrients.

Macro Nutrients

1. Macronutrients constitute the majority of individuals’ diet.
2. it can be said that they are taken in large amounts.
3. They supply energy and are needed for the growth and maintenance of the body.
4. They include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water.

Very Short explanation of these macro nutrients is given below.

1. Carbohydrate: Carbohydrates are the most important source of energy.
Examples of Carbohydrates containing food are Bread, rice, potatoes, and corn.
2. Protein: Proteins form new tissues, repair the broken tissues, regulate balance of water and acids, transport oxygen and nutrients and make antibodies.
Examples of Protein containing food are Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Eggs.
3. Fats: Fats are necessary for many body functions in the production of hormones, keep us warm and protect our organs.
Examples of Fats containing food are pastries and biscuits
4. Water: Water helps in the transportation of nutrients to the cells of the body and also important for the excretion of waste products.


1. Minerals and vitamins are included in micro nutrients.

2. Micro nutrients are required in very small amounts.
3. These nutrients are extremely significant for normal functioning of the body.
4. The main function of these nutrients is to enable various good chemical reactions to occur in the body.
5. Minerals are further divided into two categories, namely, macro minerals and micro minerals or trace minerals

Very Short explanation of these micro nutrients is given below.

1. Minerals: Minerals are required for healthy teeth, bones and muscles.
Examples of Minerals are Calcium, Iodine.
2. Vitamins: Vitamins are chemicals, which are required in very small amount to keep our body healthy.
Examples of Vitamins are VI]itamin A, Vitamin K etc

Sports and Nutrition

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