Children and Women in Sports(3)

Children and Women in Sports(3)


Children and Women in Sports(3), In this we learn about Spinal Deformities, and its sub parts Kyphosis, Lordosis and Scoliosis. 

Children and Women in Sports(3)
Children and Women in Sports(3)

Common postural deformities

1) Spinal Curvature

2) Knock Knee

3) Flat foot

4) Bow Legs

5) Round Shoulders

Spinal Curvature:-

This type of deformity is related to spine. It is caused by carrying excessive weight beyond one’s capacity.
There are three types of spinal deformities:-


1. It implies an increase or exaggeration of a backward or posterior curve or a decrease or reversal of a forward curve.
2. It is also called round upper back.
3. Depression of chest is common in Kyphosis.
Causes:- Malnutrition, Illness, Rickets, Carrying heavy loads on shoulder, Unsuitable furniture, Weak Muscles, Habit of doing work by leaning forward etc.
1. From the very beginning children should be taught the correct posture of sitting, standing and walking.
2. Proper and adequate exercises should done.
Remedies and Corrective Measuers:-
1. Always keep pillows under your back while sleeping.
2. To do Dhanurasana.
3. Perform Chakrasana
4. Perform Bhujangasana
5. Reverse sit-up


1. It is the inward curvature of spine.
2. In fact, it is an increased forward curve in the lumber region.
3. It can be corrected in early age.
Causes:- Imbalance diet, improper development of muscles, obesity, diseases affecting vertebrae and spinal muscles etc.
1. A balance diet should be taken.
2. Obesity should be kept away especially in early age.
3. The body should be kept straight while carrying weight.
4. Excessive intake of food should be avoided.
Remedies and Corrective Measures:-
1. While maintaining a standing position, bend forward from hip level. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
2. Lie down on your back and rise your head and legs simultaneously for 10 times.
3. Perform sit-ups.
4. Perform halasana.
5. Toe-touching exercise should be done for some times.
6. Lie down in prone position, with hands under abdomen. Then keep hips and shoulders down, press your hands up on the abdomen and raise the lower back.


1. Postural adaptation of the spine in lateral direction is called scoliosis.
2. These are sideways curves they may found in S shape.
Causes:- diseases in the joints of bones, under developed legs, infantile paralysis, rickets, carrying heavy loads on one shoulder uncomfortable desk, wrong standing posture etc.
1. A balance diet should be taken.
2. Studying should be avoided in sideways bending position.
3. Avoid walking for long time while carrying weight in one hand.
Remedies and Corrective Measures:-
1. Swim by using breaststroke technique.
2. Hold the horizontal bar with hands and swing your body to the left and right sides.
3. Hold horizontal bar with hands and let your body hang for some time.
4. Bending exercise should be done on the opposite side of C shaped curve.
5. Lie down in prone position, i.e. on the chest. Right arm should be upward and left arm at side. After that, move right arm towards the left over head; press down with left hand and then slide the left hip up.

Round Shoulder

1. In this deformity, the shoulders become round
2. sometimes they seem to be bent forward.
Causes:- Heredity, sitting walking or standing in bent position, Improper furniture, doing weight training in wrong posture.


1. Don’t sit and walk in bent position
2. Avoid tight fitting cloths.
3. Avoid sitting on uncomfortable furniture.

Remedies and Corrective Measures:-

1. Keep your tips of fingers on your shoulders and rotate your elbow in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. Children and Women in Sports(3)
2. Hold the horizontal bar regularly for some time. 
3. Perform chakrasana.
4. Perform Dhanurasan. Children and Women in Sports(3)

others remaining deformities related to legs sch as Knock Knee, Bow Legs, Flat Foot they are in Next part. 

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Children and Women in Sports(3) 

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