Children and Women in Sports(4)

Children and Women in Sports(4)


Children and Women in Sports(4), In this part we will learn about Flat foot, Bow Legs, Knock Knee in the previous part we read about deformities realted to spinal curvature that is Kyphosis, Lordosis and Scoliosis. Apart feom spinal deformities we also read about round shoulders. we read about Round Shoulders.

Children and Women in Sports(4)
Children and Women in Sports(4)

Flat Foot-

1. It is a postural deformity in which the arches of the foot collapse, with the entire sole of the foot coming into complete or near-complete contact with the ground.
2. Due to this deformity children feel pain in their feet while they run and  faces problem in standing and walking.
3. Children with this deformity cannot become efficient sportspersons.


1. The shoes should be of proper shape and size.
2. Don’t walk bare feet for long duration.
3. Obesity should be avoided.
4. Don’t force or encourage babies to walk in early stage.
5. High heeled shoes should be avoided.

Remedies and Corrective Measures:-

1. Walking on heels.
2. Walk on inner or outer side of feet.
3. Walk on toes.
4. Jumping on toes.
5. Perform Vajrasana.
6. Sit down properly; try to grip small wads of paper with your toes. These pieces of paper should be picked up by gripping forcefully using toes.

Knock Knee

1. In this deformity, both the knees touches each other while in normal standing position and the gap between the ankles goes on increasing.
2. Owing to this deformity, people cannot be good players and may not be selected in defence services as they feel difficulty in running.  
Causes:- Lack of balanced diet (especially calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D), rickets, Chronic illness, obesity, flatfoot, Carrying heavy weight in early age etc.


1. Balance diet should be taken.
2. Don’t force or encourage babies to walk in early stage.

Remedies and Corrective Measures:-

1. Horse riding is best exercise for remedying this deformity.
2. Perform Padmasana.
3. Perform Gomukhasana.
4. Keep pillow between the knees and stand erect for some time every day.
5. Use of walking capilars may be beneficial.

Bow legs:-

1. It is opposite of knock-knees position and also known as Genu Verum.
2. In this deformity there is a wide gap between the knees when standing with feet together.
Causes:- It’s main causes is deficiency of calcium and phosphorus in bones, being overweight, lack of vitamin D, babies walk in early age may also face this deformity.


1. Don’t let children be overweight.
2. Balance diet should be given to children.

Remedies and Corrective Measures:-

1. Perform Ardhmatseyendrasana.
2. Perform garudasana.
3. Perform Ardhachakrasana.
4. Walk by bending the toes inward.
5. Walk for some distance on the inner edge of the feet.

Round Shoulder

1. In this deformity, the shoulders become round ans sometimes they seem to be bent forward.
Causes:- Heredity, sitting walking or standing in bent position, Improper furniture, doing weight training in wrong posture.


1. Don’t sit and walk in bent position.
2. Avoid tight fitting cloths.
3. Avoid sitting on uncomfortable furniture.

Remedies and Corrective Measures:-

1. Keep your tips of fingers on your shoulders and rotate your elbow in clockwise and anti clockwise direction.
2. Hold the horizontal bar regularly for some time.
3. Perform chakrasana.
4. Perform Dhanurasan.

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