Biomechanics and sports class 12 mcq

Biomechanics and Sports class 12 mcq

biomechanics and sports class 12 mcq
Q.1. How many laws of motion are there?

(a) 1       (b) 2       (c) 3       (d) 4

Q.2. Who has given law of Acceleration?

a)            b) Newton          c)            d) none of these

Q.3. For every Action, there is always an equal ________ reaction.

a) Same                                b) opposite         c) Circular            d) None of these

Q.4. A change in acceleration of an object is ______ proportional to the force producing  and ______proportional to mass-

a) directly, directly           b) directly, inversely       c) inversely, inversely    d) inversely, directly.

Q.5. When all the forces acting on the body are counter balanced by equal and opposite force, so that the sum of the forces equal zero is known as-

a) stability           b) centre of gravity         c) projectile        d) equilibrium

Q.6. The laws the centre of gravity is to the base of support, the ______ the stability.

a) lesser               b) greater            c) no change      d) none of these

Q.7. The ________ the center of gravity is to the center of the base of support, the more_____ the body.

a) nearer, unstable         b) nearer, stable              c) far, unstable                  d) far, stable

Q.8. Stability can be _______by ________ the base of support.

a) decrease, widening   b) increased, widening  c) decrease, shorting      d) increase, shorting

Q.9. A centre of gravity is an ______ point around which the body or object is balanced.

a) visible              b) imaginary       c) real                    d) none of these

Q.10. The path followed by a projectile is called _______

a) Trajectory      b) Parabola         c) both a & b      d) none of these

Q.11. Which of these factor not affecting projectile trajectory.

a) angle of projection     b) gravity             c) height of player           d) weight of player

Q.12. Which factors are not related to the amount of air resistance acting on a projectile-

a) surface of the object b) mass                                c) speed               d) initial velocity

Q.13. Among these which is having very less stability-

a) Low C.O.G and line of E.O.G in centre of base

b) High C.O.G. and very small base.

c) High C.O.G. and less base of support

d) Lower C.O.G. and large base.


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