Children and Women in Sports(2)

Children and Women in Sports(2)


Children and Women in Sports(2), In this we will learn about Exercise Guideline at Different Stages Of Growth And Development.

Children and Women in Sports(2)
Children and Women in Sports(2)

Exercise Guideline At Different Stages Of Growth And Development

There are following guidelines related to exercise and physical activity in various stages of growth and development which are as follow:-

Infancy (1 to 2 years):-

1. During this stage, gross motor activities are exercises that should be promoted.
2. Exercises to develop head control, sitting, crawling etc. should be encouraged.
3. Watching TV and other electronic media should be avoided by infants.
4. They should be encouraged to walk instead of using stroller to carry them around.

Early Childhood (3 to 7 years):-

1. During this stage, emphasis should be given participation and not on competition, activities related to fine motor skills, i.e. coordinative abilities should be emphasized.
2. Stress should be laid on a clean and safe environment during this stage of growth.
3. They may be allowed to watch quality programs on TV for one or two hours.

Later Childhood (8 to 12 years):-

1. During this stage, children should indulge in activities such as stunts, throwing, jumping, etc. so that they can acquire body control, strength, and coordination.
2. They can also be introduced to the concept of sports training and the exercises that build endurance(aerobic exercises), strength (resistance exercises), agility, coordination and balance(fast work and rapid movement exercise).

Adolescence (13 to 18 years):-


1. During this stage moderate to vigorous intensity exercise is recommended for at least 60min. and up to several hours every day.
2. They should indulge in muscle and bone strengthening exercises at least every three days per week.

Adulthood (above 19):-

1. Adults should try to be active always.
2. They should indulge in running, aerobic exercises, weight training, push-ups, sit-ups etc.
3. Adults require such exercises that help to increase their muscular and bone strength.
4. They should include running, jumping rope and weight training exercises.


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