Olympics Movement Part 1

Olympics Movement


For each and every player, his/her dream is to won Gold medal for his/her country. In this chapter and part that is Olympics Movement Part 1 we will learn about Olympic History, Motto, Flag and many more things.

Olympic Movement
Olympic Movement

Ancient Olympic Games Olympics Movement Part 1

1. When and how did the ancient Olympic Games begin? There is no authentic information or definite fact about their origin, but there are various tales about the origin of these games in ancient Greek stories.
2. According to the available information in history, the first ancient Olympic Games started in Olympia Valley in 776 BCE. It is believed that the natives of Olympia adored Zeus as their God.
3. Once Zeus appeared on the ground of Olympia. Owing to his fearful anger, the land split. Then to pacify Zeus, people constructed a magnificent temple in the valley and started the tradition of offering sacrifice. Later on, Hercules, the son of Zeus, started the games and sports in the honour of his father.
Rules for Competitions Olympics Movement Part 1
When the Olympic Games were organised in 776 BCE, certain rules were framed for competitors of various sports competitions, which were engraved on a bronze plate. These rules are given below.
1. The competitor must be only a Greek, completely from a Hellenic race and must be physically fit.
2. Savages and punished persons were not allowed to participate in these games.
3. The competitor had to stay in Olympia for one month before the beginning of the Olympic Games.
4. They had to take an oath that they had already taken the training for      10 months in their state.
5. Women were not allowed to participate in competitions or see these games.
6. For participation in games, participants had to practise for one month.
7. Only amateur sportspersons could participate in these games and not the professionals.

Awards Olympics Movement Part 1

1. Only foodgrains and animals were given as a reward.
2. After that, a crown made of olive leaves was given to the winners.
3. More stress was laid on respect and honour, instead of awards, to the players in these games.
4. Statues were also made of the winners
5. Poems were also composed in praise of winners and their names were recorded in the annals of history
6. Even the players used to participate in these games for respect and honour and not for the sake of awards.


Opening Ceremony of Games

1. On the day of the opening ceremony, all the players, their brothers, fathers and trainers used to assemble in the auditorium.
2. The expert of sports and games made them to take the oath that they would participate in the games
3. according to rules and they had got the training of ten months. After that, a pig was killed and offered to the God named Zeus Harikos.
4. After this ritual, one by one, all the players used to come out of the sports arena.
5. Exactly at that time, the players were introduced to the spectators. If one of the spectators had any objection against any player, he was not allowed to participate in the competitions
6. Rest of the players, who faced no objection against them, were allowed to participate. After that the declaration was made to start the games.


Events  Schedule

Day I – only religious functions were performed.
Day II -was reserved for march past and introduction and after that chariot-race, horse-race and pentathlon were held.
Day III – ritual of sacrifice of animals was performed. After that, competitions of races, wrestling and boxing were held.
Day IV -was fixed for athletic events, wrestling and boxing.
Day V – recreational programmes were organised.



Ancient Olympics

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