Olympic Movement Part 5

Olympic Movement Part 5   Olympic Movement Part 5, Easy Language. In this part we will learn about International Olympic Committee and Indian Olympic Committee. Olympic Movement Part 5 Olympic Movement Part 5 INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE 1. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the governing body of the modern Olympic Games.  2. It is committed

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Olympic Movement Part 3

Olympic Movement In this Olympic Movement Part 3 we will learn about the International Paralympic Committee, opening, closing of Games of Paralympics. International Paralympic Committee 1. It is a global governing body of the Paralympic movement. 2. The International Paralympic Committee organises the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games. 3. It also serves as the International

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Physical-education-sports-for-cwsn-part-2   Physical-education-sports-for-cwsn-part-2, In this part we will learn about Disorders and its types like ADHD, ASD, SPD, OCD, ODD. Concept of Disorder: 1. Disorder is usually used for mental disabilities. 2.  Disorder is any ailment that disturbs the health of an individual. 3. Disorder creates hindrance in an individual’s performance and reduces his efficiency.

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