Training and Doping in Sports notes

Training and Doping in Sports notes

Training and Doping in Sports notes
Training and Doping in Sports notes


  •  Training is the preparation of complex process which directly changes the sportsperson`s development.
  • We can say that it is a systemic planned preparation with the help of various multiple exercises.
  • Systemic training improves fitness level of athlete.
  • It(Systemic training) require regularity for getting maximum benefit.
Definition of Sports Training
According to Matwejew, ” Sports training is the basic form of preparation of sports training.
” we can said that It(Systemic training) is based on scientific principle which help him/ her to prepare for apex performance in sports competition.


Principle of sports training

1. The Principle of continuity:

  • In training there should not be a break or a long period of inactivity because it reduces the physiological capacities of sportsperson.
  • Also take care the difference between 2 training session should be maximum but not too long.
2. The Principle of Overload:

  • it says that there must be a load which is greater than normal load so that body has to be adapt it.
  • Load should be increased for improving the performance.
  • A constant load cannot increase performance and it will lose effectiveness of load.
3. The Principle of Individual Differences:

  • Every person has different capacity and abilities so for this during training it must be take care.
4. The Principle of General and Specific Preparation:

  • In training both general and Specific training are important but in a systematic manner.
  • Performance require functional capacity of body system and organ which is increased by general preparation and further increased by specific preparation.
5. The principle of Progression:

  • According to this the Overload should not be increased too rapidly.
  • Rapid increase in the overload cause muscles injury or damage.
  • Constant overload can cause to exhaustion and  injury also.
6. The Principle of Specifity:

  • It states that exercising certain body part  can develop it.
  • It also says that working on one particular skill can make their skill sharp.
7. The Principle of Active Involvement:

  • Performance of Athlete is improve only when there is active participation of himself is there.
8. The Principle of Variety:

  • Training is a long term process due to which it becomes boring and athlete may feel boring from training.
  • Coach must take care that training must be able to maintain interest and motivate them.
9. The Principle of warm-up and Cool down:

    • Warm-up necessary to increase blood flow and make muscles flexible.
    • Warm- up requires for high intensity sports.
    • Cooling down helps in transferring blood back from working muscles to vital organ of our body.
    • It also removes waste products.
10. The Principle of Rest and Recovery:

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