Olympism MCQ class XI

Olympism MCQ class XI , Lets discuss good questions of this chapter

Olympism MCQ class XI



Q.1 The First Olympia Games started in Olympia Valley in –

a) 770 A.D                 b) 776 BCE                        c) 770 BCE                                d) 776 AD

Q. 2 In Ancient Olympics participant must be a______ completely from________race.

a)    Greek, Mellenic          b) Latin, Hellenic        c) Greek, Hellenic          d) Latin, Mellenic

Q.3 ______________ and _____________ person are not allowed to participate in Ancient Olympic Games.

a)  Savages, Punished         b) Savages, Petty        c) Sheltered, Punished         d) Children, women

Q.4 How many month were compulsory for participant to stay in Olympic Village.

a)    1                                  b) 2                                       c) 3                                      d) L4

Q.5 They are neither allowed to participate nor to see these games(Olympics). who they are –

a)    Women                      b) Children                            c) Senior Citizens                 d) dead people

Q.6 Participants to take oath that they had taken of _____ month training in their state.

a)    9                                b) 10                                      c) 11                                    d) 12

Q.7 Which animal was Killed and offered to God Zeus Harikos?

a)    Goat                          b) Rabbit                               c) Pig                                   d) Buffalo

Q.8 with the passage of time 400 yard walking was included in __________.

a)  724 BCE                       b) 724 AD                            c) 724 CDF                         d) None of these

Q.9 In Ancient Olympic Games Crown is made up of ______________ leaves.

a)    Olives                          b) Yellow pain killer                 c) Anesthesia            d) Highly costly

Q.10 The credit goes to start modern Olympic-

a) Baron de Coubertein       b) Pierree de Coubertein        c) Thomas Bach        d) None of above

Q.11 When was creditor of Modern Olympic was born-

a)    11 Jan 1862              b) 1 Jan 1682                       c) 1 Jan 1862                    d) 12 Jan 1863

Q.12 Where did Creditor of Modern Olympic was born –

a)    Germany                     b) France                             c) Bonn                            d)  Russia

Q.13 When did first meeting was organized for Modern Olympics Games?

a)    1893                            b) 1894                                 c) 1895                            d) 1896

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