QUIZ 3 Fundamental Of Anatomy & Physiology MCQ Class 11

Welcome to your QUIZ 3 Fundamental Of Anatomy & Physiology MCQ Class 11

How Many Bones Does An Adult Skeleton Have?

__________ Binds The Bones Together At Joints.

_______________ Joints Are Present Between Carpal Bones Of The Wrist And Between Tarsal Bones Of The Ankle.

__________ Is A Joint Where Two Long Bony Surfaces Are Connected By Disc Of Fibrocartilage.

Which Of The Following Is Correct?

Which Capillaries Are Found In The Liver , Spleen And Bone Marrow?

____________is A Muscular Tube Which Extends From Base Of The Skull To Its Junction With The Esophagus?

Assertion – Muscular Arteries Are Also Called Distributing Arteries. Reason- Muscular Arteries Do Not Distribute The Blood To Various Organs.

Assertion – Systematic Circulation Has Greater Force And Pulmonary Circulation Has Lesser Force. Reason- The Circulation Of Blood Throughout The Body Mainly Depends Upon The Heart .

Assertion – During Inspiration, Diaphragm Moves Upwards And The Capacity Of The Thorax Increases. Reason- The Main Muscles Of Respiration Involved In The Normal Breathing Are The Intercostal Muscles And Diaphragm.

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