Quiz 2 Kinesiology and Biomechanics in Sports XI MCQ

Welcome to your Quiz 2 Kinesiology and Biomechanics in Sports XI MCQ

_________ Is The Presentation Of A Situation Which Brings Out A Specific From The Subject.

Which Of The Following Is A Classification Of Individuals By Ernest Kretschmer?

Who Are Categorised As Slim Persons Because Their Muscles And Limbs Are Elongated?

_________ Are Generally Described As Muscular And Have Athletic Physique

___________ Is The Ability To Exercise The Entire Body For Long Period Of Time.

Skinfold Technique Is Used To Measure_____

An Individual’s Weight Is 70 Kg And His Height Is 1.6m. In Which Category He Can Be Organised?

What Is The Height Of Gym Bench For Harvard Step Test?

What Is The Range Of An Individual Who Falls In The Category Of Overweight According To The Criteria Of WHO?

Who Developed The Harvard Step Test?

Which Category Of Individual Is Physically And Mentally Weak?

__________ Individuals Are Physically Fit And Have Optimistic View About Life?

Who Invented Body Mass Index(BMI)?

Assertion: Sit And Reach Test Is Good For Flexibility Of Joints Of Lower Back And Hamstrings. Reason: It Is Not Related To The Flexibility Of Other Joints.

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