Components of Wellness

Components of Wellness

In this Topic of components of Wellness we will learn about all 9 components.






1. Physical Wellness

  • Mostly it means Physical Appearance , good body weight, looking young and also a good Physique.
  •  In order to have above qualities regular exercise, good and adequate amount of nutrition, proper rest is required.

2. Intellectual Wellness

  • It means a logical ability of a person.
  • In this a person proceeds towards creativity by using its logic.
  •  Mental Alertness is needed for learning new skill and improving it.

3. Emotional Wellness

  • This ability shows the balance and control of emotions.
  • The person who is emotionally balanced will balanced life without being disturbed by contradictory situations. 

4. Social Wellness

  • This quality refers to be establishment of a person with good relation in the society.
  • Here good relations means a person is having brotherhood, friendly behavior and character etc towards other persons.
  • A person having good behavior makes him/her a socially able person.

5. Nutritive Wellness

  • It means gaining maximum energy through balanced and nutritive and healthy food.
  • Balanced diet is vary from person to person, age, sex, environment and daily needs.

6. Environment Wellness

  • The use of Physical resource by human being in a sustainable manner is called Environment Wellness.
  • Reuse and Recycling of resources and products is playing important role to promote environment wellness. 
  • Tree Plantation also play an important role to promote environment wellness. 

7. Financial Wellness

  • It means a proper financial management of a person and co-ordination of its financial needs.
  • Co-ordination is also needed between Financial Resources and his/her family needs.
  • If Financial wellness goes in bad situation then put negative effects on other wellness also.

8. Spiritual Wellness

  • This is related to Spiritual Peace or Inner Peace.
  • To get inner peace a person should true to himself and to built his/her characters and virtues.
  • Another thing is to get this to preform prayers and doing meditation also.

9. Moral Wellness

  • This means character formation.
  • For this a person`s character should be moral, honest and disciplined.
  • Feeling of service, integrity and feeling of dutifulness is required.



Components of Health Related Fitness

1. Cardiovascular Endurance

  • It is the ability of heart and lungs to perform well in stressful situations.
  • ability of an individual to indulge in aerobic exercise for prolonged period of time.
  • In simple words you can say that cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles and the ability of those muscles to allow sustained exercise.

2. Muscular Strength

  • is the amount of force the muscle or a group of muscles can exert against resistance.
  • also we can say that ability which is visible while using force for doing an activity.
  • Example: To push wall.

3. Muscular Endurance

  • It means doing a work by the muscles or group of muscles regularly is called as Muscular Endurance.
  • In other words, it is the ability of muscles to perform repeated exercise for long duration without getting tired is called Muscular Endurance.
  • Example: Lifting weights

4. Flexibility

  • range of movements of joints is known as Flexibility. 
  • It is affected by muscle length joint structure tendons, ligaments, and other factors.
  • Flexibility is helpful in many ways such as in preventing injuries, improving posture etc.


  • is the percentage of lean body mass, i.e, bones, tendons, muscles water, ligaments, organs, etc. in comparison to body fat.
  • This percentage varies from person to person.
  • for men between 15-18 per cent, whereas, in women it is between 20-25 per cent



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